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Do you have IBS/gut issues? Are you having challenges "digesting life"?

Do you feel like you are constantly "on the go", neglecting self-care and do not have enough "down time"?  
Are you experiencing long covid symptoms?

Are your stresses taking away your energy to enjoy the good things in life? 

Access your true healing potential with BodyIntuitive & BodyTalk

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Reconnect with your body's innate healing wisdom.

Each system, cell and atom of the body is in constant communication with each other.

BodyIntuitive & BodyTalk help to uncover the story behind the symptoms which is the WHY behind our aches, pains, anxiety, stress, sleepless nights, depression and feelings of overwhelm.

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BodyIntuitive & BodyTalk sessions; access your body's true healing potential.

  • Modern science now shows 90-95% of ANY ache/pain/allergy/intolerance can be linked to some type of STRESS and/or trauma you have or are experiencing. 

  • Stress wreaks havoc on any of your tissues, cells, organs or systems within the body and mind causing local and system wide disruptions 

  • You cannot heal when you are feeling stressed and you are in fight/flight mode. We all spend too much time in this state these days. Your sessions can help you reset your nervous system when it is overtaxed

  • Sleep better, increase opportunities for the mind and body to repair, recharge and heal tissues and cells

  • Learn to turn your "threat stress" into "challenge stress"..this is KEY!

  • Your sessions can help you reset your nervous system when it is over taxed. It needs help to reset its parameters to function optimally. Nervous system health is AS important as mental health!

Photo credit Shannon McLaughlin

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What to expect in a session

Sessions can be done in-person or online. Distance healing is just as effective! We discuss what symptoms are causing your discomfort and I will get some back ground information about your current stress levels. Using your biofeedback (muscle checking), we discover where the energy blocks are in the cells, tissues, physical or energetic systems.


Sets of techniques are used with tapping on the head and body (using the Chinese meridian system with NO needles!) along with mindful breathing. This activates reconnecting of the communication pathways which enables the body's self-healing mechanisms to activate healing and re-balancing of cells, tissues and systems as stagnant energy starts moving again. 

Sometimes you will be given easy self-care applications to help you maximize your healing progress. It's all about you accessing and co-creating your own True Healing Potential!

Photo credit Jay Castor


My name is Jonalyn, I am a Certified BodyIntuitive, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and a member of the International BodyTalk Association. 

I learned the very hard way how stress can completely disrupt the human body and mind when my husband went through a complex auto-immune response that Western medicine never diagnosed and could not band-aid the symptoms with pharmaceutical drugs.

My mental health soon began to erode as my body and mind lived in "fight or flight" stress mode for a multi-year period.

This forced me to seek other ways to heal which led me to finding BodyTalk & BodyIntuitive. The shifts and results I experienced and now see my clients experience re-affirms on a continual basis that mind-body medicine and alternative health care is the new frontier and I am grateful to be able to help anyone who is willing and open to understand that their body AND mind are both needed for true healing to occur!

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15-minute consultation call
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