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I love doing this!

Healing is an inside job! I practice BodyIntuitive & BodyTalk to help people realize and understand that the mind and body are a group of intricately connected systems and when in balance and communication with each other, we each have the ability to access our true healing potential mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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Past experiences with myself and family members dealing with the western medical system left me feeling frustrated and hopeless with unanswered questions as to "WHY" we were all experiencing our different aches, pains, and states of dis-ease in our body. 


I was the main caregiver to my husband who had “some kind” of auto-immune disease that the medical doctors could not “diagnose”. I was exhausted, depressed, and burnt-out, mentally living in a constant state of fear of the unknown, not knowing if he would live or die. It was a terrible two years. As mysteriously as he became sick, he began to get better. Then, I started to fall apart! Mentally and emotionally I was a “hot mess”. 


Knowing already about the mind-body connection

I started practicing yoga as a way to slow down the racing thoughts in my mind and feel into my body and destress. I had one amazing yoga teacher who also taught ancient wisdom teachings of the yoga philosophies which taught the mind-body connection. I was intrigued, I continued to take classes, study, and learn about the mind-body connection. Coming from a science background I knew there had to be a bridge somewhere between western medicine and the mind-body connection….and then I met a BodyTalk Practitioner.

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Accessing my True Healing Potential

I had a few BodyTalk sessions with her and could feel noticeable shifts in my mental health and my physical body. For the first time in years, I felt a strong sense of “ease and calm” within me. I needed to know more about BodyTalk! I became certified, and have been continually expanding my knowledge base. Since the pandemic I have been training and am now certified in BodyIntuitive. I feel this system is the future of medicine! 

BodyIntuitive is the best of western science woven with Classical Chinese medicine plus more!

Our emotions, stress and beliefs all impact our physical health  

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What resonates with me about these modalities is that they combine the ancient wisdom teachings of the mind-body connection with parts of western medicine and modern science. BodyIntuitive & BodyTalk help get to unwind the discomforts you are feeling in your body, mind and heart space. It gives us an opportunity to be empowered to participate in our own healing for our own wellbeing. 

We create our "stories" from stress, all our relationships, work, money and past, painful experiences. When not processed, these stories eventually show up in our physical body as aches, pains, symptoms and dis-ease.

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