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Is this like Reiki?

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CONSCIOUS MIND is 10% of our daily actions

SUBCONSCIOUS MIND is 90% of our daily actions

Our subconscious/unconscious mind resides under the surface and holds the key to all our behaviours

What is the difference?

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Between BodyIntuitive, BodyTalk and Reiki?


At the fundamental level, all these three modalities are moving a person’s stuck or blocked energy. It is the degree to which level these three can penetrate which is the difference.


I am going to invite you to imagine that you are more than just your physical body…because you are.

You are made up of energy and have layers of energetic bodies.

Modern science is now beginning to develop instruments sensitive enough to measure some of these energetic bodies that ancient wisdom teachings have known, talked about and worked with for thousands of years.


You may also be familiar with the conscious and subconscious mind.

We operate out of both of these two modes and what may be surprising is that we primarily operate out of our subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind does things like controlling your breathing and digestion, it also does so much more.


When we have a negative or traumatic experience, our brain will attempt to process the information which usually does not fully process....


This emotional charge from the experience (both electrical and chemical) will now settle itself into the physical and energetic bodies where it will hide out slowly causing communication breakdowns between the intricate web of many systems that make up a person. We can end up forming beliefs from these experiences such as “I am not worthy”, “I am not enough” or “the world is a scary/unsafe place”.


The more we replay the event, the more we cement in the thoughts which then become programs or beliefs from which we begin to operate.

The parent who constantly gives in to the child who screams every time they don’t get what they want then learns to use their emotions of anger and frustration to get their way. Eventually, this will become a subconscious program.


BodyIntuitive and BodyTalk practitioners are trained to find out the “WHY”or the "story" behind the symptoms the person is feeling.

Our body remembers all our experiences good and bad from fetal life until right now. Our DNA can be altered from past ancestors’ living (famine, war, slavery etc) which can be playing out as health issues for us today. 


All this information can be uncovered in BodyIntuitive or BodyTalk sessions along with uncovering and dissolving unconscious belief systems that are no longer serving you but keep you in a pattern of self-sabotage of why you “can’t maintain a long term relationship” or why you “keep missing job promotions”. 


Getting to the “WHY” is getting to the “root cause” of the symptoms in the body and mind.

No pill will do this for you.

Unblocking energy without finding out the “why” will give some temporary relief but the mind is powerful and stories/conversations/thoughts stuck on repeat will eventually create more electrical and chemical messages that will get stuck in the physical body again….


If you have tried Reiki and found relief…great!

If you have tried Reiki and decided it isn't for you or wish you to go a little deeper in your healing then I invite you to have some sessions with me.

Incorporating the “why” behind the symptoms is such a key part in helping the body create lasting shifts and to help you activate your own powerful healing capabilities to access your true healing potential!

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