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What is BodyIntuitive & BodyTalk??

These two alternative medicine modalities are safe, gentle, and effective holistic therapies designed to help reconnect broken communication links between the different systems of the "bodymind" to activate the body's own self-healing mechanisms. 

When we are in balance: mentally, physically, and emotionally,  our systems are synchronized; communication flows and everything works in harmony. Everyday stresses, previous experiences, traumatic events and family histories all contribute to interrupting the balance and communication of our systems. This shows up as pain, symptoms, dis-ease, and illness/imbalance.

BodyIntuitive and BodyTalk systems combine ancient healing methods of Chinese medicine & Ayurvedic philosophy, applied kinesiology, Western medicine and 21st century science to provide a complete, holistic approach to allowing your body to heal itself. Both systems help to uncover the story behind the symptoms you are experiencing. The 21st century science incorporated into BodyIntuitive helps to set it apart from other mind-body or alternative medicine modalities.

Take a moment to imagine....

Redefine your mind.jpg

Truly take a moment to imagine what life would be like to feel healthy and happy! If you're looking for deep healing and lasting shifts to occur, then you have come to the right place.

Mind affects the body just as the body affects the mind. You cannot treat only one without the other to effectively treat the whole person. This is different than Reiki.

Uncover Your "Story"

Uncovering the story behind the symptom/pain is key to setting up the right conditions for the body-mind to heal itself. BodyIntuitive & BodyTalk are both designed to help you regain control of your health and wellness in a safe and gentle manner. 

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Healing is a process, not an event

We all have our stories behind our stresses and traumas and it is up to each of us to be responsible for our own healing. 

If you are ready to participate in your personal healing journey...let's uncover the stories behind your symptoms and get your nervous system back on track. Life is always going throw you curve balls, handling these "curves" is key to experiencing life with enthusiasm and joy instead of frustration, fear and stress!

I am passionate about supporting you to evolve through your concerning health issues to regain freedom and joy on all levels of body, mind and spirit! I create a safe, non-judgemental space for you to heal and elevate your energy.

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