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Distance Sessions 


If you are interested on how distance sessions work....please read below!


Distance sessions work the same as in-person sessions. You​ will have a scheduled appointment time where you will be at home and resting, undisturbed.

Energy medicine does not require you and me to be in the same room for your healing, this is part of Quantum Physics. Distance sessions are just as effective.  Sometimes I will invite you to tap on different body parts or do a breathing exercise if that comes up as part of your personalized healing strategy.

You may feel the movement of energy gently shifting during or after your session. Book a Discovery Call to find out more.     



Everything is energy including you and me. This is the new frontier of medicine and you are on the path! 

Did you know the first doctor, Ignaz Semmelweis, to propose hand washing was fired and humiliated by his peers?.…we have come a long way since then!! We are now ONLY beginning to understand how shifting energy blockages in the human body allow the body to enact it’s self-healing mechanisms. Something which ancient healing modalities such as Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic philosophy have known for thousands of years.


Photo credit: Kristopher Roller

The empirical experience

When I started learning about healing over distance, I was skeptical that it would work. I have now experienced it myself, with my clients and when I run online healing workshops. People in the workshops are always surprised at the shifts they immediately feel. Mind body energy medicine is at the forefront of alternative healing.


The global pandemic has created new paths of accessibility for distance healing sessions which is helping expedite this new and cutting edge field of quantum healing.


Are you ready to give it a try?

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