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I was featured in Head + Heart! Take a peek!

"I'm excited to share that I'm now featured in Head + Heart, a guide to living aligned. Every week, Head + Heart shares a curated selection of spiritual inspiration, including their directory of vetted practitioners featuring yours truly! Sign up to get their weekly guide here, and view my profile in their directory here "

You can check out the distance session I did for Monica Krake who is the founder of Head + Heart right here to give a little taste of what a session is like. Monica is quite aligned on all levels of body, mind and spirit so you can read about how some of her physical body came up for balancing along with how she had a subconscious belief system come up for releasing that she thought she had previously worked through. It's times like these that I am continually amazed by this healing work when deeper layers surface to be released. This is where true healing is activated!


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